Schedule 'A' - Rules, Recommendations and Notes
Latest Version Update # 09/16/2023
Box 339, Kincardine, Ontario, N2Z 2Y8

For the comfort and safety of all our guests we have instituted the following campground rules:

1. QUIET HOURS: ABSOLUTE QUIET AFTER 11:00 p.m. Very, very quiet from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am. After 11:00 pm all outside radios, TV's and other entertainment systems must be turned off. All music must be turned off, musical instruments away and quiet voices only after 11:00 pm on the park every night. Indoor radios, TV's and other entertainment equipment cannot be heard outside or negatively affect other campers. Quiet campfires only are allowed after 11:00 pm. You may certainly call the office on your cell phone at any hour of the night to let us know of any disturbances so we may resolve the problem immediately! We would prefer that you get a good night's sleep and not have to wait until the next day to resolve the problem. Please keep your music, TV, movie projector, etc. to a personal listening level at any time.
2. SPEED LIMIT: All vehicles, 5 MILES/10 KILOMETERS PER HOUR. WATCH FOR CHILDREN! It is always helpful to inform the office of problems with speeding vehicles.
3. NEW & REMINDERS! SITE IMPROVEMENTS: As a result of the judgement against campgrounds in our court case with the CRA, we are initiating new rules to address their concerns. These new rules will address the types of improvements we can allow on seasonal sites and how they can be incorporated. As CRA will be determining 'active' small business compliance in their park inspections, there will be a review of each site's setup including any 'previously approved' elements. A determination will be made to either keep, remove or if possible, modify these elements to "bring them up to meet new 'active' campground requirements". This is not an exhaustive or final list and as more information becomes available, we will let you know of any additional changes that must be made. Very broadly, CRA expressed concerns with the following: things buried, planted, dug in, installed on the site, attached to the trailer, type of trailer, landscaping, lawn mowing, obstructions, camper living arrangements, occupancy dates, contract renewals and dates, septic services, types of site occupancy, mail delivery, camper payment deadlines, 3rd party camper billing, full time employee retention and more.
a) The placement of any fireplaces, sheds, decks, porches, privacy fences, add-a-rooms, deck sun roofs, satellite dish posts, trailer tongue covers, steps, etc. must be non-permanent, in removable sections as required. Going forward, any wooden structure sections must be bolted, not screwed together for easy removal. As follow up to being given general permission to do future changes, you must have detailed plans approved by management prior to those additions or changes. Walkways may be pea stone, wood sections, patio stones, flagstones, or stepping stones, but please no pavers/paving stones. Any stones/blocks dug in for walkways, leveling, shed bases, patio extensions, fireplace bases, etc. for your use and enjoyment become part of the site features and are passed on to the next occupant. See the office for other information on: size restrictions (square footage, length, width and height), proper element placement, acceptable types of Florida rooms, decks, deck sun roofs, sheds, required building permits, security/safety concerns, structural soundness, avoiding underground services and other considerations. Be sure to place any additions/structures on your site only and entirely on our property. Please leave clear access down the side of your trailer on the waste tanks discharge side. Please do not encroach on township road allowances, adjacent campsites, camp road allowances and neighboring properties. Any structures or site elements must not impede the expeditious vacating of the site.
b) No construction on weekends without management approval. Work time is restricted to 10 am to 4:00 pm.
c) NEW! As required by the septic engineer, no outdoor temporary or permanent shower privacy enclosures are allowed. No independent exterior plumbing allowed on your site. The new 105 gal. dedicated grey water tank will greatly extend the capacity of your in-trailer shower and grey water sources! Under-trailer tank installation may or may not require an MOE drainable tray, with a minimum 2" gap on all sides for leak/overflow environmental protection. Being drainable will allow rainwater to be removed from the gap. Under trailer tanks will be connected to the custom 3" trailer sewage pipe outlet cap, with a ¾" gray water drain hose connection, by a flexible, removeable, pipe/hose to attach the gray water drain hose to the matching bulkhead fitting on the gray water under-tank. Under-trailer tanks are translucent and are much easier to monitor. Let us know at the office before 2:00 pm when your tank level is less than 2" from the top and should be added to the site pump list. Black water will be collected directly from your 3" septic outlet using a mobile style pump-out. The currently used inground tanks will be abandoned and unusable with the new septic system.
d) No wooden posts, steel posts, old TV towers, etc. in the ground; deck blocks, spikes or surface/patio stone contact only. In-ground lawn watering systems, mail boxes, clotheslines on in-ground posts, split rail fences, and in-ground firepits are not allowed. Decorative in-ground fire hydrants are not approved and must be removed. See office for help.
e) No hardwired connections from your trailer allowed, usually electric lines to meters, sheds or decks for lights or power. No burying of electric lines to sheds or outdoor structures. Plug into your GFCI protected exterior trailer receptacles. Any trailers hardwired to the meter post will be switched to a 30-amp receptacle for power ASAP.
4. REMINDER & NEW! TREES/BUSHES/LANDSCAPING: No landscaping, trimming of trees, cutting of branches, hedges or treetops allowed without approval by management. To avoid any confusion about anything planted or placed on your site, Aintree Trailer Park has the final say over any decisions deemed necessary relating to it, including: removal, location, size, control, trimming, pruning, potting, etc.
Trees: Again, please refrain from planting trees - decorative, privacy, etc. - anywhere on your site. We are planting more cedars now to fill hedge gaps where possible. Those trees planted in front of your trailer out to the road, in front of your patio, deck, or add-a-room, in gardens or elsewhere on your site will have to be removed. Please remove your decorative trees planted on your lot to preserve, protect and keep them from being damaged. Please speak with us for help with your removals. Trees can be removed by a) campers wanting to transplant them to their home, or b) we can remove them ASAP and take them to the dump with the brush. Those with rear egress will need to be clear at the front for vehicle access for hookup and back if exiting through the rear of the site. Cedars for hedges only, not landscaping. Tree removal will begin now.
We realize many trees planted years ago are now mature shade trees and we love all their cooling shade in the summer. However, we haven't planted any shade trees/evergreens, etc. for years to allow us to finish upgrading the utilities in the park. One concern we have is having open access toward the front, between sites, to allow trenching machines to dig through with the least obstructions.
Bushes: All bushes used for site beautification must not be rooted in the ground but may be kept in pots, urns or bottomed planter boxes small enough to be easily moveable. Please remove and/or repot any decorative bushes planted on your lot to preserve and protect them. See us for details. Please, no English ivy on your site. It is an invasive plant. English ivy on your lot is not suitable ground cover and damages the hedges. Trying to remove the ivy after it has attached itself to the hedges can seriously damage the hedges. Let us know if you have these plants on your site. If you need help or advise, ask at the office.
Please place any cut sod at the front of your site for pickup by our staff.
Herb and vegetable gardens. Please have your herb/vegetable gardens planted in bottomed planter boxes.
Timeline: We realize that some campers will not have to make any changes but many will. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please refrain from planting anything non-approved now and plan on getting up-to-date by Fall 2023. Tree and unpotable bushes removal will begin now. As of now, only flowers can be planted on your site. Again, if you need help or advise, ask at the office.
5. NEW TRAILERS: Our trailer buyers guide is available in the office with our requirements for trailers entering the park. Each trailer must be approved by management before entering the park. Be aware the distance from the bottom of the trailer sewer pipe outlet to proper ground level has to be a minimum of 16". Do not alter or remove the soil on your site when installing your new trailer. The proper ground level must be maintained and optionally a layer of gravel may be added to it under the new trailer. Free gravel is available.
6. NEW! NO WINTER OVERNIGHT STAYS: No overnight stays are permitted when the camp is closed from Thanksgiving to our next opening day on April 15th. Preauthorized day visits only allowed.
7. WINTER PARKING FEE: For those people who are not seasonals for the entire camping season, the new charge for winter parking is $160.00 prorated to the day you leave or sell your trailer.
8. NEW-IER! LICENSE OF OCCUPATION AND LIABILITY WAIVER: The License of Occupation plus rules (your contract) is now renewed on a yearly basis. These will now be included with your fall seasonal deposit notice. Please sign and either return by mail, emailing a 'scanned to PDF' copy or dropped off at the office. These are needed to hold your site for the next camping season. Please return your signed contract with your deposit by this Thanksgiving weekend. Without a signed contract you will not receive the seasonal invoice package in February. Your site would then become available to campers on our waiting list. If you have not received your mailed Seasonal Renewal Package by February 15th let us know. We need to know if you have moved or it has been lost or misdelivered!
9. BICYCLES: We recommend the use of helmets. Help protect our children by teaching them to obey our posted campground road signs, watch for cars especially at corners and go no faster than 5 mph/10 kph. NO BIKES may be ridden by adults or children on the camp AFTER SUNSET.
10. GOLF CARTS, MOTOR BIKES, VEHICLES: Fully licensed drivers and insured vehicles only. No golf carts or ATVs are allowed on the park for transportation. Motorcycles, motorized bikes to and from your site to the park entrance only.
11. REGISTER VISITORS: The registered camper is responsible for registration, fee payment and conduct of visitors. Remind your day and overnight visitors they must register at the office on entering the park. Let us know ahead of time if you wish to pay the overnight visitors fees for your guests so we can welcome them correctly. There is no charge for day visitors but we do take this opportunity to inform them about the camp rules before they proceed to their host's site. Departure time for day visitors is 11:00 p.m. No day visitors allowed on the park after 11:00 p.m. Management reserves the right to limit the number of visitors allowed per site per day.
12. FIRE SAFETY: In case of fire anywhere on the camp please discontinue immediately any use of water until the emergency is over. BBQ's must be kept a safe distance away from hedges or other combustible material. No burning of leaves on your site.
13. FIRE PROTECTION: All trailers must be equipped with a fire extinguisher and smoke detectors as required by law.
14. NEW! FIREPLACES & CAMPFIRES: In-ground placement of campfire containers and bases is not allowed nor placement of the container directly on the ground. They must be above ground on a non-flammable base, have a non-flammable surrounding border and be easily moveable. See office for help when renovating your fireplace.
Please supervise your campfire at all times. Fires only in suitable containers and well away from hedges, trees or neighboring vehicles. Please extinguish your campfire before leaving your campsite or going to bed. Safety first!
15. GARBAGE, RECYCLING, METAL: Food garbage must be in plastic bags closed, tied securely and placed at front of your site for pick up daily at about 7:00 p.m. Recycling pick-up is Monday or plus the Tuesday following a long weekend. Metal, concrete, refrigerators picked up as needed.
16. NEW! GARBAGE & RECYCLING BIN AREA: There are fines payable for inappropriately sorted items placed in our bins and/or overfilling their capacity! Do not take garbage, recycling, metal scrap, concrete, construction waste, furniture, etc. to the bin area. It is off limits to everyone except staff. See the Aintree Recycling Guide for recycling details and Notice to Campers letter for other waste disposal procedure details.
17. CEDAR TRIMMINGS & COMPOST: LEAVES, ASHES & GARDEN WASTE: For easy collection use our Rubbermaid garbage cans and metal pails, available at the office. Please place cedar trimmings in separate garbage cans from leaf and garden yard waste for pick-up. Cold ashes must be in our 5 gallon metal pails for safe pick-up. Please do not take ashes to the pit for disposal to avoid more brush fires! Place them at the front of your site for compost pick up. No disposal of any cedar trimmings, branches, etc. in the pit. We must haul those items to the landfill site in Ripley.
18. FAMILY: The eligible family members of the Occupant are you, your spouse/partner, your unmarried children and your unmarried parent only, hereafter referred to as 'the family'.
19. REGISTERED OVERNIGHT VISITOR RATES: All others registered as staying overnight in accommodation on your site, five years of age and older, are 'visitors' and subject to the following rates:
a) While ANY member of 'the family' is present:
i) A Visitors Pass may be purchased to cover all registered overnight 'visitors' during the season.
ii) Without a Visitors Pass, registered 'visitors' are charged per person per night the currently posted registered 'visitors' rate.
iii) Unregistered overnight 'visitors' a) are not covered by the 'Visitors Pass' and b) will be charged the current 'unregistered visitors" fee rate.
b) While NO member of 'the family' is present:
i) Registered overnight 'visitors' are charged the lowest applicable daily site rate.
ii) Unregistered overnight 'visitors' detected will be charged 2X the high season full service daily site fee.
20. DOGS: Please check to make sure your pets immunization shots are up-to-date. Dogs must be leashed at all times on campground premises. When tethered, the leash must be short enough to keep the dog on its own site. If you have a dog that is very protective of your property, we will notify you of any messages and you may pick them up at the office. Owners are solely responsible for the control of their dogs including nuisance barking. Please clean up all messes created by your dog(s) on the campground and deposit tied scooper bags for garbage collection at your site. Be a good neighbor and clean up your pet's messes made on neighbors' lawns off camp.
21. REFRIGERATORS: Outside refrigerators must be padlocked and kept out of sight.
22. CONTRACTORS: Any company servicing your trailer must provide the office with proof of insurance for our contractors file before providing services to campers.
23. IMPACT FEES: Refundable impact fees (minus site restoration costs) on trailers and site additions may be required in the future. More information to come.
24. DECKS: All decks must be 'floating decks' using deck blocks and built in 4'-5' sections/pieces bolted, not screwed, together, to allow for easy and obvious disassembly and be movable as needed. Going forward, any work being done to existing decks not built in this way will also be upgraded to this standard. See office for all building restrictions and requirements.
25. SHEDS: Only one factory fabricated metal or Rubbermaid plastic style sheds allowed. Size restriction to < 10' X < 10' and < 8' height. Front porch additions on sheds must be included in size restriction.
26. NEW! FLORIDA ROOMS: No new Florida Rooms are allowed until CRA has confirmed our Small Business Status. Wooden hand-built Florida rooms and deck/patio covers are no longer allowed. With CRA small business status approval, we would then allow only approved factory fabricated Florida room style additions and deck/patio covers are allowed. All add-a-rooms woyld require a building permit and approval from Huron-Kinloss Twp. Rooms must also have management approval including, but not limited to: approved siding, length, width, and height restrictions, porch extensions, etc.
27. NEIGHBOURS: Please do not trespass on adjacent, private property.
28. BEER AND LIQUOR: Ontario Liquor Laws limit consumption to your site. Open bottles and cans cannot be carried off your lot. No drinking allowed in FIELDS, COMMON AREAS or BUILDINGS. Please do not drink and drive around the park at any time.
29. INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR: Inappropriate behaviour disrespects our valued reputation as a family campground. This property is privately operated. Therefore, management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Please control your language, actions and alcohol consumption. Excessive noise, profanity, etc. will not be tolerated. Vandalism of any kind, especially actions that endanger staff and guests, will not be tolerated. Any violation of the rules by a camper that requires the assistance of the authorities may result in the immediate termination of your License of Occupation with no refund. Infractions may result in you, a family member and/or your guest's expulsion from the campground. Those affected will not be allowed in the campground in the future.
30. WEAPONS, VIOLENCE, THEFT: No firearms or weapons of any type are allowed. Violence or actions causing disturbance of any nature will not be tolerated and may result in eviction without refund. Anyone caught or proven to have engaged in acts of theft of any kind will be immediately evicted without refund.
31. CHILDREN: No climbing of trees allowed. Parents are asked to be in charge of their children at all times. You are financially responsible for their activities. All persons under 18 years of age must be on their campsite by 11:00 pm, or with their supervising adult. The playground is off limits after dark. For children disputes and disagreements please contact the parents personally to resolve.
32. RV & SITE CONDITION: All RVs are to be kept roadworthy, and in presentable condition and licensed. All of your equipment, additions, etc. on your sites is to be kept in good repair and in presentable condition.
33. ACCOMODATION LIMITS: If you are contemplating buying a new trailer for your site please see the office before you buy to be sure it meets our guidelines in the 'Aintree Trailer Park Trailer Purchasing and Set-up Guidelines' information sheet. Park Model or Park Model style trailers, Mobile Homes, or Tiny Homes are not allowed; travel trailers only. We restrict trailers to 34.999' box size but see the office for proper measuring directions. Only one recreational vehicle and children's tent (four man or under) plus only one of either add-a-room, tent or tent camper for use as accommodation by 'the family' and your 'visitors' allowed on your site. No 'sleep cabins/ sheds with beds' are allowed on your site. Only one shed and firewood enclosure allowed per site. For safety please have any electrical service to your shed meet all current electrical codes. Aintree will also supply one camp picnic table per site as requested. If you currently have more than this limit, please see the office for removal procedure. Additional recreational vehicles may be parked at the recreation building or in another designated spot. Camping allowed on campsites only.
34. PROPERTY DAMAGE: Damaged camp property assessable to person responsible and/or parent of same and/or the seasonal occupant responsible as outlined in section #13 in the license of occupation.
35. SEPTIC SERVICES: TANKS - IN-GROUND: For in-ground septic tanks, please monitor the liquid level in the tank and notify the office before 2:00 pm when the level is within 6 inches of the top and in need of pumping. The sites will then be added to the list of tanks requiring pumping and the work will be completed at the earliest possible time. Keep your valves closed and be sure there is enough capacity before dumping your holding tanks. Any deliberate draining of sewage on to the ground will result in immediate cancellation of your seasonal permit and eviction. Each campsite must provide a separate rinse hose and handle sprayer close to the septic tank for staff use for rinsing off their equipment after pumping the site's tank.
36. NEW! SEPTIC SERVICING ACCESS, POWER RECEPTACLE, AND BEST PRACTISES: a) Please ensure staff have clear access to your septic tank for servicing. We are not responsible for damages to your trailer or flexible hose/pipe connection to your sewer. We recommend that your sewer pipe connection is easily accessible, removable and replaceable by our staff. b) Do not use the house receptacle attached to your electric meter-holder base or meter post. It is reserved for staff use to power our pump wagon. We are not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from complete removal of your electric cord's plug from the sewer use receptacle on the meter base or meter post. c) Do not dispose of sanitary pads, diapers, flushable clothes, bandages, paper towels, food leftovers, kitchen fat, or put disinfectants, deodorants, chlorine, germicide, Javex, liquid plumber, or other chemicals in your toilet/tanks.
37. CAR PARKING: Please park your vehicle on your own lot or in your personal space along the edge of an infield, in the boulevard bordering Concession 12 or after May 1st on our side of Ritchie Rd off the asphalt as much as possible. Do not park where restricted by posted signs, on tile beds, on camp roadways, or in other guest's parking spaces without their permission. Visitors may park in Visitors spaces or at the Rec. building. Anyone needing a parking space or having questions on parking, see the office.
38. TABLE COVERS: Picnic table covers must be removed in the fall to minimize the rotting of tabletops and seats.
39. NEW! ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND EV CHARGING: For those people whose trailer receptacle box has a movable wire connection, be sure it is properly protected from the weather i.e., under their trailer and off the ground in a protected spot. No tampering or altering of our electrical equipment. Any changes allowed require management installation or service. We are currently removing this style of connection and replacing it with receptacles at the meter base.
At this time, we do not allow electrical vehicle charging at your campsite. The lowest possible charging rate we could find is 12 amps, which takes many hours to charge at that rate, and multiple charges would overload the mains and/or submains. There are car charging areas at Canadian Tire and at the downtown Kincardine parking lot.
We have begun investigating installing EV charging stations at the Rec Building. More information to follow.
40. WATER SYSTEM: No tampering or altering of our water services including pipes, meters and faucets, etc. Any changes allowed require management installation or service.
41. REFUNDS: Starting May 7th, a charge of 1/99 of the seasonal rate accrues to the site each day and is in addition to any outstanding charges (i.e. winter parking fee, hydro charges, site deposits, visitor's fees, trailer property taxes, late fees, interest, etc.) Subtract this total from your seasonal payments to date to determine your refund or charge.
42. UNDERGOUND SERVICES: BE SAFE! BEFORE YOU DIG, DRIVE OR PLANT let us show you where the underground electric and water lines run on your site. Any costs for damages to utilities will be charged to the seasonal occupant of the campsite.
43. NEW! MAIL: No utility bills or any bills for payment in your name can be sent to Aintree Trailer Park. This includes but is not limited to satellite dish services, contractors, etc. Any bills that we receive will be disposed of. Please ensure any bills are sent to your home address. Failure to correct this situation will be considered a breach of contract. Delivery of packages from Amazon, etc. from a courier service to our office is allowed but the billing address must be your home address. Aintree is not responsible for any delivery fees, brokerage fees, or any other fees charged for your delivery.
44. TRAILER SALES REMINDER: If and when you decide to sell your trailer please pick up our seasonal trailer sale information sheet which gives you the selling information you need including: a) all fees must be paid in full before any action is taken to sell your trailer, b) you must have permission to sell it on our lot, c) seasonal fees you pay are not transferrable to the new owner, d) seasonals who want to change sites, then new seasonals on our waiting list have first preference for empty lots, e) please notify management prior to posting any signs or advertising your sale, f) please give us details of sale so we can refer interested parties to you, g) preapproval of your buyer for seasonal status is required, etc.
Park Model Trailer Sales: As you know we have not allowed park model style trailers into the park for many years now and new and changing regulations require we remove all park model units from the park in the future. Going forward seasonal guests with park model trailers in the park can only replace their units with management approved travel trailer style RVs. Our Aintree buyers guide is available in the office with the current requirements for trailers entering the park though each individual unit must still be approved by management before entering the park. We investigate each trailer and issue an approval as quickly as possible.
As a courtesy to only those Park Model Owners who were seasonals through 2015, those campers wishing to sell their park model units will be allowed to sell it on their site. Those current trailer owners grandfathered in are: #8, #14, #19, #20, #22, #40, #43, #46, #47, #50, #63, #83, #95, #97, #109, #133, #140, #149, and #157. However, the new buyers of your park model must be informed they will not be afforded this same opportunity to sell it on the site or in the park. When they upgrade to a new trailer, as all trailers get old and need to be replaced in time, they must replace it with an approved travel trailer. When they are no longer using their park model trailer on their site, they must remove it from the park. Park Model Trailers currently in the park but not grandfathered in are: #24, #54, #78, #90, #98, and #155. See the office if you have any questions.
NOTE: Management reserves the right to impose restrictions deemed reasonable and appropriate by management to ensure compliance with camp rules. Repeated or exceptional violations of these rules can result in the immediate termination of your contract.

1. PROBLEMS? At any time, if you have a complaint about noise, messes in washrooms, inappropriate behavior, etc. please inform management preferably while the nuisance exists so
immediate action can be taken. Don't lose sleep! After hours call 1-877-396-8533 from your campsite at any time so we may correct the situation. We appreciate knowing when things aren't running just right.
2. TRAILER/EMERGENCY/SEPTIC HOSES: Please install two 'Y' connectors on the water tap on your post. From the one Y run one hose to supply water to your trailer and from the other 'Y' run two hoses: one hose, equipped with a pistol grip nozzle, for instant use in case of emergency at your trailer and the other, also equipped with a hose nozzle, for use in servicing your septic.
3. FURNACES AND HEATERS: Trailer furnaces must vent safely to the outside, not into add-a-rooms. No kerosene, etc. heaters unless you have approved ventilation to the outside. These are a carbon monoxide hazard and are dangerous when not vented properly! Keep cedar branches cleared away from your trailer's furnace exhaust vent.
4. SECURING PROPERTY: Please keep your trailer, shed, bicycles, etc. securely locked when unattended. Please secure your propane tanks to your trailer, etc.
5. PROPANE STORAGE: Never store propane tanks indoors. We can dispose of outdated tanks.
1. SEASON: We are open April 15 through Thanksgiving Day. Water is available at your site May 7, weather permitting. Water and washroom/shower facilities are available at our heated wash-house/shower building starting April 15.
2. NEW! WATER HOSE: When closing down your trailer, please remove water hose from the tap so we can blow the lines out.
3. FURNITURE: All items stored in our Recreation building in the fall must be securely tagged/marked with your name or site number. Please remove all items stored for you in our recreation building by May 24 holiday weekend the following season. Aintree Trailer Park Ltd. takes no responsibility for any damages or theft of stored furniture, BBQ's, bicycles, kayaks, etc. in our recreation building or when transporting them to or from the recreation building. Please let us know if you need help moving your items or are unable to remove your items on time.
4. NEW! ELECTRICAL SERVICES: Our electrical services remain on all year. To turn off the power to your trailer you must either unplug your trailer plug from the site receptacle or switch off the main breaker inside your trailer. Please remove any hardwired power lines from your trailer to add-a-rooms, sheds, decks, etc. Please notify management of any problems as soon as possible so we may help you correct the situation. For management pre-approved winter day visits, please remember to turn off your trailer's main breaker, etc. when you leave.
5. REMINDER: AUTHORIZING WINTER HYDRO USE: If you need to leave your hydro on all winter you must let us know each fall. Remember to unplug all unneeded appliances and equipment, and turn off all unneeded switches to ensure you are not drawing more power through your meter after the season is over than necessary. Only those people on our list of "Winter Users" may make use of the sites electrical service. Any other sites we detect using hydro will be unplugged or have the trailer breakers switched off to save you money!
6. LAWN WATERING: Lawn watering only on odd numbered days of the month in July and August. We ask that lawn watering be done in the evening between 7:00 and 9:00 pm. or between 6:00 and 8:00 am. Be aware of lawn watering and car washing bans during extended hot, dry weather.
7. NUISANCE ANIMALS: Please let us know if you have any rabbits, moles, ground hogs, skunks or other burrowing animals living on or adjacent to your site or the play fields by your site. We can advise on best practices for protection and removal procedures. We are not responsible for any damage done by animals in or around your trailer.
8. SITE ACCESS: Owners/managers/staff or their agents are allowed access to all our campsites to do repairs, maintenance checks, enforce rules, work, provide notices, solicit event participation, etc.

We welcome any questions or suggestions! The Management