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~ 151 Large shaded or open sites with 30 amp Electric, Water & Sewer hook ups, Patios & Picnic Tables, and Beautiful 8' Cedar Hedge Borders for Quiet & Privacy.
Camping with the extras you'll like!

~ #1 - Our "Really Quiet" hours are 11:00pm to 8:00 am.
We cater only to those campers who respect other camper's holiday expectations of really quiet after 11:00pm. Don't be disappointed! If you are not coming here for those beautiful quiet nights and you honestly are opposed to really quiet after eleven, please do not book your holiday with us. It's always best to find a campground that matches your holiday style!
In the Park
starting at 11:00 pm every night very quiet voices only please around the campfire and in your tent or trailer, instruments away, all music/radios off, control your language and alcohol consumption and quiet campfires only allowed after 11:00 pm. The other campers appreciate your thoughtfulness. After a full day of fun and excitement all our campers deserve a good night's sleep!

~ New! Safe campfires are allowed at night on the beach with a permit available at the office!
~ Start your Holiday Right!! Arrive Early on Open sites. Check in any time on unoccupied sites. For back to back reservations our check-out time is 1:00 pm and our check-in time is 1:30 pm. Call us toll free to check the status of your site any time after 9:00 am.
~ A valuable second pair of eyes! On check-in we escort everyone to their campsite and help them park! We help you park on our back-ins and tent & trailer sites and guide you into our pull-thrus to make your set up as successful and stress free as possible.
Finish your holiday in style!! Extend your holiday with our "no-charge" late checkout available on most unbooked sites.
~ 6 Big Angled Sites with Water & Electric (Matching 15 or 30 Amp) and 'Handy Hoses' for your convience. Your choice of sunny or shady sites with Picnic Tables, Fire Rings and our beautiful 10' Cedar Privacy Hedges. Our convenient mobile pump-out septic service is available for our longer staying guests at $22.00 per visit tax included. Our staff assisted Dumping Station is also available for septic services at no charge.
Our Seasonal Sites:
Our Full Service Vacation Pull-Thru Sites:
~ 6 Angled Full Service Cedar Bordered Pull-Thru Campsites. All with both 15 & 30 amp Electric services, Water, Sewer hook ups, Cement Patios, Picnic Tables, Fire Rings & 'Handy Hoses' for your convience. #57 & #62 accomodate larger trailers.
Our Big Vacation Back-In Sites:
Our Full Sized Vacation Tent & Trailer Sites
~ 5 Large Shaded or Partially Shaded Sites with Water and Electric(15 or 30 Amp), Picnic Tables, Fire Rings, Red Maple shade trees in a Cedar boarded area. Sites #1 - #4 are ideal for tents, tent trailers, and small trailers. Back-in end site #5 can also accomodate medium sized trailers and motor homes.

Full Service Overnight Sites
Our Best Service:
Our Recreation Center & Laundromat,
Washrooms & Hot Showers
~ Our 4000 sq ft Recreation Center offers a Kids Gamesroom, Adult Snooker and English Darts Room, Quilting Room, Bingo and Dance Hall, Wifi Room/Library, Clean Modern Washrooms and Laundromat. Our East side Heated Washrooms and Coin Hot Showers also include both a unisex accessible 'Barrier Free' washroom and shower.
Camping: Sites & Services
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Where "Really Quiet after 11:00 pm"
is your
~ Complimentry Morning 'Toronto Star' Newspaper available at the office each morning or provided daily at check-in while quantities last from July 1st Weekend to Labor Day.
~ Free Park
WiFi service. Available on most sites and also at the Recreation building Wifi Room/Library: tables and chairs, electric outlets provided.
4 Children's Play Areas & sports equipment available at the office.
Tank Traders Propane Cylinder Exchange Service. Prefilled 20lb, 30lb and 100lb cylinders available for exchange at the office.
~ Books. At the Recreation building WiFi Room/Library. Help yourself to these donated books! Return, exchange or finish it on the road. Enjoyable reading for all campers!
~ Campfire Wood is available at the office before 9:00pm. Note: For safety reasons campfires are not allowed until May 7 when the water is turned on to the campsites(weather permitting).
Cellular phone serviced area!
~ Pets Welcome! Dogs leashed and "Stoop & Scoop'. Free scoopy bags available at the office.
Staff Assisted RV Dumping Station available at no charge to our guests.
Mobile Pump-out Service!! Our convenient mobile pump-out septic service is available to assist our longer staying guests on non-sewer sites at $22.00 per visit, tax included.
~ Daily evening garbage collection at each site! Just place your tied bag at the curb for pick up at 7:00 pm. Free white garbage bags provided at check-in or available at the office.
~ 5 gal.
recycling container provided on each site for your convenience.
Please Note! From April 15 to May 7, water available at East side Heated Washroom/Shower Building only. After,weather permitting, to all Sites plus West side Recreation Building/ Laundromat/Washrooms.

*Toll Free Reservations Call 1-877-396-8533*
~ Sites #69, #126 & #104. 3 Full Service Grassy Sites with 30 amp Electric, Water and Sewer Hook-up, Patios, Fire Rings & Picnic Tables. Easy staff assisted back-in parking.

New Overnight Site #104 Photo not available yet!